Frederick Ivor-Campbell (1935-2009)

Frederick_and_Alma Ivor Campbell

The baseball history world is shocked to learn of the death of one of its notable historians, Frederick Ivor-Campbell, who was killed in the tragic and senseless automobile accident on I-195 this past Friday. Mr. Ivor-Campbell was a supporter of my efforts to establish a vintage base ball club in the area. He came to Mattapoisett in August of 2007 to see the vintage ball game as part of Mattapoisett’s 150th anniversary celebration. I was surprised and delighted when he approached me just before the game and introduced himself along with his wife Alma. He vaguely remembered Mattapoisett’s 100th anniversary and fondly recalled the difficulties of visiting his wife in Marion before they married due to lack of transportation. I jokingly offered to put him in the game at third base which with good humor he refused.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Mr. Ivor-Campbell over the past few years from time to time, sharing information about the early game of baseball. He has been a source of inspiration for me in my research and encouraging me in my pursuit of my various research projects.

He was a member of the Society of American Baseball Research and was awarded SABR’s highest honor, the Bob Davids Award in 2003. While research in to the early game of baseball appeared to have been a passion of his, he once admitted to being distracted by good weather and new books at the public library. That is something I can related to and appreciate.

His wife Alma was injured in the accident and I understand she is in good spirits despite the circumstances. I hope for the best for her and their family.


5 thoughts on “Frederick Ivor-Campbell (1935-2009)

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  2. Fred’s insight, knowledge and generosity helped me start the Providence Grays in 1998. His friendship will be sorely missed. The Grays are wearing black mourning bands on our uniforms for the balance of the season and I hope the vintage base ball community will acknowledge his life and contributions in some way.

    Please pray for his wife, Alma. She is in Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries. We were lucky to know Fred and he is someone to emulate.

  3. Friends,

    Is there some way to get in contact with Alma? My uncle was an old friend of the Ivor-Campbells.

    Many thanks

    Eric White, PhD
    Bridwell Library
    Southern Methodist University

  4. Mr Ivor-Campbell was my world literature teacher at The King’s College almost 30 years ago. I am sorry to say that I have just learned of his passing today and have fond memories not of literature but rather conversing with him of our joined passion of baseball.

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