Who wants to play ball?

There appears to be a reviving interest in getting a vintage base ball team together. If you are interested in playing please let me know. I would like to organize a get together soon so everyone can swing a heavy bat and check out the vintage base balls (They are much softer and will not kill your gloveless hand. I promise.)

Hopefully the photos below will inspire you to get involved. You don’t have to have a whole lot of playing experience or be in shape for that matter. I haven’t played baseball in 7 years and I am getting incredibly winded typing this.

I stole these images from Ray Shaw of the Newtown Sandy Hook of Connecticut. I hope he doesn’t mind. Check out more of his images: http://www.diamondpix.com/.





Most of the vintage clubs out there have their schedules in place but I would like to get people together to get a feel for playing vintage ball and go from there. Drop me a line here or at info [at] scvbb.org. Also, feel free to join us on our Facebook Group.


5 thoughts on “Who wants to play ball?

    • I am not thinking too far ahead as far as uniforms. I just want to have people to play. I had originally thought of basing the team on the 1858 Ironsides Base Ball Club of New Bedford.

      At this point I thought I would introduce people to circa 1858-1860 since I have bats and balls for that time. But if people want to go in the direction of the 1880s I would love to do that as well.

  1. Hey,
    This is gary from The Hingham Historical Society’s Vintage Base Ball Club. If you have a team and would like to travel to Hingham, home of Mike King Kelly during his Boston Beaneater days, let me know. We would love a match in August.

  2. To who ever.
    I love the 19th century Base Ball.
    But I Wish there was 19th Century Base Ball
    video game on the market? (X-box, PS3 and the Wii)
    I would play it for hours on end.
    Every Team and Every game.
    Cricket, Rounders, Town Ball, Base Ball.
    Please let me know if you can contact any PS3,X-box, Wii poeple.
    Thanks for reading.
    Steve Sposato

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