I am currently researching baseball history in the New Bedford area. As I go along with research I plan to post some of my findings here. Feel free to comment, criticize, offer advice, share information and ask questions.

SCVBB is South Coast Vintage Base Ball, something I came up with when I decided to attempt to start a vintage club in 2006. The ball club never made it off the ground and I was left with a bunch of research I had been working on in hopes of using it as part of running the vintage team.

As I was doing research I came across interesting local history news I made note of and kept copies. After the vintage teams failed to get going I started writing local history stories for a local weekly, The Wanderer which I also post at

Since this is only a hobby I do research and post when I can. And if anyone wants to start a local vintage base ball team I’m willing to play.

*Note: The 2007 date at the top of the page is when this intro page was created. It has been updated since then.


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